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How to Make a Computer Virus

How to Make a Computer Virus

In computer programming, a „virus“ is a bit of code that can be linked to other programs or files. They hide until they are activated, and can do anything from corrupting data, to sending e-mails that clog up inboxes, to erasing hard drives. Computer viruses are broken down into four phases in accordance with the classification used by biologists to explain the life-cycle of a virus.

However, the majority of people do not develop viruses to cause harm. There are a few reasons. One is bragging rights, similar to kids who fold the paper plane in a creative and imaginative way to see how far it can fly before it falls. Another reason is the same psychological drive that motivates arsonists and vandals Some people enjoy the thrill attacking the property of others. A powerful computer virus is similar to Mount Everest to some programmers and they are enticed to see how far they can take the virus without being discovered.

Certain viruses use polymorphic codes which change slightly every time they infect a program or file. This makes it harder for anti-virus companies to find and eliminate all copies of the virus from a system. Other viruses depend on the presence of a „trigger“ to start spreading, like an action taken by the user or a timed countdown (to obfuscate the origin of the virus).

If you make a virus, trojan, worm or malware or any other malicious www.kvbhel.org/apple/5-effective-paid-advertising-tips-and-tricks/ software for revenge or pranks, payback, or any other reason, it isn’t likely to solve anything and could lead to criminal charges under the law. Consider the alternatives that are more enjoyable and safer than creating an unintentional program that could cause serious damage or even wipe out your entire hard drive.